I’ve been quiet for another extended period; lots of life adjustments again and I guess I just needed a break from blogging. I’m getting back into a new routine, so if I make writing a part of this new situation, maybe it’ll become a habit again. And maybe a catharsis as well.

I’ve retired from Metagenics. Well, sort of. I’m no longer an employee but am now a consultant. I’ve got a few speaking gigs with the promise of more to come; we’ll see. I’m also now the Education Director of my brother Jim’s distributorship; I know everyone there and enjoy working with them, so this should be fun. Jim says if I can manage that part of his business for him he’ll be delighted, and it’s the type of thing I can do pretty well. It’s not full time by any stretch, which is good as I have no particular interest in having to show up at an office every day. But that in itself is weird; I won’t say I find myself at a loss of things to do now that I’m not occupied with a full-time job, but I still haven’t been able to escape the nagging feeling that there’s somewhere I’m supposed to be or some project is behind schedule and I have to get busy on it. 

Cathy tells me this feeling eventually goes away; she tells me to think of this as my reboot rather than retirement. 

I’m currently being a nursemaid; Cathy slipped on the tile and broke her foot, so she’s been laid up for the past 3 ½ weeks with at least that much more time to go in the healing process. She’s doing well and uncomplaining but can’t walk yet so she’s in a wheelchair, on crutches or on a scooter when she goes anywhere. I’ve been earning some major brownie points being her Mobility Director, Cook and Laundry guy. It’s actually been fun, but it’s also been an opportunity to do nothing (except Cathy Care) while I get used to not going into the office any more. 

Anyhow, I’ve got tons of books, magazines and journals to catch up on, woodworking projects I can finally get going, classes I’ve wanted to take, audio tape courses I’ve been meaning to listen to, writing and web development I’ve got planned, getting in shape, travel with Cathy, and on and on. And I now find myself completely in charge of my own schedule and beholden to no one for the first time I can remember. If I don’t make the most of this, there’s no one to blame but myself, right? 


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